Rating System

5 stars

I need more! I am in love with this so much! I have no words to describe how much I’m in love. Didn’t ever want it to end and will definitely be rereading soon.

4.5 stars

Fantastic! Kept me reading and in love the whole way through, but had a few flaws. Was still amazing and I will definitely be rereading this sometime in the future.

4 stars

Great! I really, really liked this book. It kept me hooked and wanting to know more, but I did have some issues with it. Will definitely recommend to others and will reread.

3.5 stars

Very good! Was entertaining and kept me engaged. Had something about it though that just kept it from being something that I really loved. Might reread later.

3 stars

Okay. I liked this book and I finished it pretty quickly, but it didn’t blow me away. Lacking in that certain something. Probably won’t reread.

2.5 stars

Meh. The book was fine and I finished it, but was disappointing in some way. Will not be reading again.

2 stars

Not for me. Had some potential, but failed to live up to it. Either turned me off and/or really bored me. Didn’t hate it, but diffidently did not like it. Will not be reading again.

1.5 stars

Nope. It turned me off something fierce and I, probably, didn’t finish it. Didn’t care and will never ever pick up again.

1 star

It was awful and I hated it. I might have thrown it across the room. I might have tossed it out a window. Might have hate read this and finished it, or I might have just given up. No reread. Ever.


Either because of something the author did, the content of the book is especially problematic, or because I just know I’m never going to read it.


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