#review: Scarlet


Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

My Rating: โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…

I never intended to read this book. I read some of the first book in the series and I wasn’t too terribly impressed with it. In fact, it almost bored me into unconsciousness. Didn’t like the two main characters, didn’t like the Cinderella retelling, didn’t very much like anything about it at all.

So, no, I hadn’t intended to read this second book.

Then I wad told that this book was a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and I was hooked. I had to at least give this book a shot.

Scarlet isn’t an epic read, or anything really different than a hundred other books, but it is a light, easy read. You just kinda float through the book. Its not a book of deep thought or heart pounding action, but it is a nice, fast read that keeps you interested until the end.

The writing in this book was definitely better than that of the first book. This book kept your attention and was much more engaging. I even ended up liking Cinder in this book. She was a much more interesting as a side character than she ever was as a main one. The rest of the characters, both old and new, are also much more fleshed out and entertaining.

Scarlet was a good read and I will probably pick up the next in the series.


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